PipelineSuite Releases Version 4.0

by | Apr 10, 2009

PipelineSuite has launched its latest V4 upgrade. The new version has a long list of new features that its users have requested. In addition, the contact manager database was redesigned in order to speed up page load times.
Some of the key features in the new upgrade include:

  • Most lists can now be sorted by any one of their column headings.
  • Can now edit a CSI code number in addition to its description. (All CSI codes are fully customizable to your own numbers and descriptions, and you can use either the old or new CSI format).
  • Master Fax Log now allows user to view all faxes sent by date range.
  • Quick Links added to footer so that users can quickly access frequently used functions in one click.
  • Added Shipper Company and account field to contacts.
  • Select bidders by importing one or more prior projects’ bidders lists.
  • When selecting bidders, users can now apply multiple filters using the “And” or “Or” logic in order to save time by refining the list of qualified bidders.
  • Revised the addendum sending function logic so that subs will not be sent multiple addenda, even if they are marked “Yes” on multiple trades and user wants to send to all subs marked “Yes”.
  • Additional Advanced sending options, for example, user can now send an addendum to only the Yes’s and pick and choose one or more invited trades to send the addendum to.
  • Upgraded sub’s view of the Online Plan Room to allow files/documents to be put into customizable folders (labels) for better organization and ease of use.
  • GC can now track sub’s activity in their Plan Room