PipelineSuite Launches Version 3.0

by | Feb 3, 2007

pipelineSuite has launched its new version 3.0 of pipelineRFQ web-based invitation to bid software.  The new version reduces the process time of creating an invitation to bid to three simple steps:

1. Type the project information and scope of work.
2. Select which CSI Divisions/subdivisions are needed along with the desired subs, using filters if needed to fine-tune the list based on subs that qualify.
3. Click a button to blast email or fax bid invitations.

The Addendum function was also expanded to allow customization for any type of transmittal such as Bid Date Change Notice, RFI, Memo, etc.  The fax log now tracks each batch separately so that users can easily find which subs received each notice.

In addition the above core functions, the page load times for all pages were significantly reduced so that its users can perform more functions in less time.

About pipelineRFQ

First introduced at the BIA show in Long Beach, CA in 2002, and then at the IBS Show  in Las Vegas in January 2003, pipelineRFQ quickly became a popular choice for builders looking for an alternative to their outdated BidFax or Winfax programs. PipelineRFQ is web-based, which provides several advantages over stand-alone software including:
1. No software to install or maintain, and upgrades are automatic.
2. Numerous fax lines, so faxes blast out quicker and do not tie up a contractor’s phone/fax line from incoming fax bids.
3. Allows integration into pipelineOPR so that all pre-construction information, plans, and docs are available for GC’s and Subs in one place.
4. Automatic sub response system allows subs to click on a link within their email to respond, automatically updating the GC’s database of sub responses….not possible with a stand-alone system!