pipelineRFQ Bid Invitation Software Features

• Customizable to YOUR CSI codes and descriptions.

– Use the new six digit 2010 CSI Master Format up to Division 46 or the old five digit codes up to Division 16, or both new and old codes.
– We will import your subcontractor database with your current codes and trade descriptions.

• Customizable Groups.

– Create infinite number of custom Groups or Certifications such as Minority Status, Job Type, Work Area, Prequalification Status, etc.

• Fast, user-friendly subcontractor selection process saves time.

– Create new bid list by trade/section.
– Option to use a favorite bid list or from a prior job, then add/edit and send out in minutes.
– Optional filter function filters out subs who don’t qualify based on certain criteria including Zip Code Radius, Area, Job Type, Prequalification Status, etc.

• Robust Sending options.

– Send Invitation or Addendum by Fax, Email or Both.
– Email an invitation to multiple contacts within one company record.
– Send to either All Invited Bidders, or to an individual Division(s), Trade(s), resend to the “Unconfirmed” (with option to change the Title to “INVITATION TO BID – 2nd NOTICE”).
– Option to send PDF attachments email or fax with Addendum or Invitation.
– Option to upload and send your own ITB form.

• Project Bid List Management.

– Automatic Sub Response system allows subs to respond “Yes” or “No” automatically without needing to call back.
– Subs can ask a question or RFI within the same response screen.
– Subs can update their own contact info which will send you an email alert to “Accept Changes” or not.
– Robust Notes feature allows you to track notes and date conversations with subs.
– Option to Export Bidders List to Excel.
– Reports: Printable bidders lists by trade, Confirmed “Yes”, Unconfirmed, By Group, Good Faith Effort Report, Online Plan Room Access Report (showing who accessed your pipelineOPR Online Plan Room and when).

• Addendum Management.

– Create and send customized Addenda, RFI responses, Bid Date Change Notices, etc.
– Robust sending options allow you to send to all or just specific subs (i.e., just to HVAC and Plumbing that responded “yes” that they will be bidding, and also to the “Unconfirmed”, for example).
– Send attachments if desired.
– Track each batch separately in its own Fax and Email Log.

• Sending Logs

– Email Log shows which emails were sent, Fax logs show status (Pending, Success, or Failed). A separate “Failed Faxes” log shows all faxes that failed after three attempts.

• Other Powerful Features:

– Bid calendar keeps users organized.
– Robust Contact Manager can be shared so that your employees have access to current subcontractor contact information, even via smart phones.
– Import/Export data any time.
– Secure system can be accessed by any web browser using a password-protected login.
– System uses the latest in web-based faxing technology. Does not tie up your own fax machine, and faxes go out FAST.
– No fax line, fax modem, database, or software to buy, install or maintain.
– Add unlimited amount of users on your own as you need them