PipelineRFQ Doubles its Fax Output

by | Apr 13, 2006

Contractors have enjoyed the ease faxing Bid Invitations, Addenda, Memos, bid date change announcements, or even job walk schedules using PipelineRFQ™, one of the most popular modules of PipelineSuite®. Subcontractors and Suppliers have also enjoyed the speed and simplicity of creating proposals and faxing them to their list of bidders. So much so that PipelineSuite® doubled its fax lines to keep up with the demand.
“PipelineSuite® has always prided itself on the speed and turn-around time for our customer’s faxes” explains Rick Dill, the company’s CEO. “Unlike other companies that outsource to a fax service, we own and maintain our own fax servers and fax lines. Since we have complete control of them, including back-up lines, we are able to constantly monitor them to make sure they are working effectively and efficiently. Subcontractors and Suppliers need their proposals to go out instantly, so we make sure they go out fast. General Contractors need their Invitations and especially their Addenda to go out quickly. We strive to keep adequate capacity so that their fax batches go out within an hour. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is paramount to our success, so investing in our infrastructure is a must.”

About PipelineSuite®

Founded in 1998, Online Building Products, Inc. dba. PipelineSuite developed PipelineSuite®, a group of web-based software programs for the building industry. One of its most popular programs is PipelineRFQ™, which debuted at the Building Industry Association (BIA) show in Long Beach, California in 2002. PipelineRFQ allows General Contractors to send bid invitations and addenda via fax and/or email to their subcontractors with just a few mouse clicks, without any hardware or software to install or maintain. Its other popular product is PipelineBTS™ bid tracking software, which allows subcontractors to send their bid proposals to their list of General Contractors via fax and/or email, and then track them. PipelineSuite is headquartered in Newport Beach, California, and has a branch sales office in Powell, Ohio and a technology and sales office in Garner, North Carolina.