pipelineOPR Online Plan Room Features

• Your Own Private Company Planroom.

– Make a project private or public. If private, only your invited subs will be able to see your project and download plans, specs, and other bid documents.
– Subs can view/open individual files or zip and download selected files. They can also choose to zip and download all files in your plan room with one click.
– Plan room has your logo on it to promote your company to your subs, not ours.
– Track which subs accessed your plan room and when.

• Easy upload/Download.

– Upload single or multiple files at once.
– If you upload a zip, system will unzip and display the individual files.
– No viewing software or plug-ins for you or your subs to load.

• No File Size or Storage Limits.

– No set limit to the size of files that can be uploaded or downloaded.
– Create unlimited custom folder labels (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Specs, etc.).