pipelineOPR Online Plan Room Features

• Your Own Private Company Planroom.

– Make a project private or public. If private, only your invited subs will be able to see your project and download plans, specs, and other bid documents.
– Subs can view/open individual files or zip and download selected files. They can also choose to zip and download all files in your plan room with one click.
– Plan room has your logo on it to promote your company to your subs, not ours.
– Track which subs accessed your plan room and when.

• Easy upload/Download.

– Upload single or multiple files at once.
– If you upload a zip, system will unzip and display the individual files.
– No viewing software or plug-ins for you or your subs to load.

• No File Size or Storage Limits.

– No set limit to the size of files that can be uploaded or downloaded.
– Create unlimited custom folder labels (Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Specs, etc.).

Bid Invitations
Online Plan Room
What’s in the “Suite” for General Contractors?
pipelineRFQ™ Bid Invitation Software, also for sending Addenda or other correspondence.
pipelinePreQual™ to send Prequalification requests, and manage who is qualified.
pipelineOPR™ to upload plans and specs for subs to download.
Other Features such as the Bid Calendar, Contact Manager, and Bid Reports. Track who is bidding, export bidders list to Excel, print Good Faith Effort reports, and more.

Sub Directory Info
Directory Sign Up
Stack Software
Subcontractors and Suppliers, add your company to our Directory! If you do, you may get a bid solicitation from a general contractor that uses pipelineSuite® bid invitation software and online plan room. There is no cost, so sign up!