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Powerful Suite of Software Tools
For General Contractors
Get a higher response rate and 100% email deliverability when you send bid invitations through PipelineSuite®.
Send Bid Invitations in minutes, addenda in seconds.
Since 2002, pipelineRFQ™ has refined the process of creating bidders lists and sending out bid invitations to the fewest amount of clicks with the help of 17 years of feedback from its thousands of general contractors. This means you’ll have more time for more important things like refining your bids so you can win more work.

PipelineSuite sends emails in a unique way that allows us to guarantee 100% of your emails will get into your subs’ inboxes. With your license, you get a dedicated support team that will make sure all your emails deliver. With our new value-added service, we keep your emails updated for you!

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Core Features:

Create bid lists FAST using favorite lists or using your own custom filters and shortcuts.

Subs DON’T have to register in order to respond and access your projects.

You own and can edit your subcontractor data any time, it’s yours! Why share your data with your competitors?

“Easiest plan room of all! One click on my email gets me access. It’s a lot faster and easier than others because I don’t have to register.”
That is the consensus answer from subs we asked how they liked access our GC’s Online Plan Rooms compared to others. Your subs do NOT have to sign up or remember a password to log in. They simply click a button on their Invitation to Bid and instantly see your project in your plan room. They can see which trades you invited them to and can respond Yes or No per trade. They can also submit RFI questions and submit their bid all within your plan room portal!

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Core Features:

Unlimited plan room storage and support for you and your subs.

Easy drag and drop upload. Create folders and unlimited subfolders.

Post projects on your own website if you wish (includes simple website integration).

Access our extensive directory of subcontractors if you are lacking coverage in a new location or trade.
Since 2002, PipelineSuite has been accumulating subcontractors and suppliers to help our GCs when they are lacking coverage. We continue to make huge investments to expand our Directory and to make it faster and easier for our customers to find the subs they need.

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Core Features:

Our customers LOVE the highest response rate in the industry because subs come to PipelineSuite first looking for work!

Filter by Zip code, Union, job type, certifications, etc.

Search by YOUR trade descriptions which map to the trades in our Directory.

Streamline your subcontractor qualification process and manage risk YOUR way with our customizable forms.
Risk assessment is subjective. That’s why PipelinePrequal was built to allow you to configure your Prequalification questionnaire the way you want. Setting up your first form is painless… we’ll convert your existing form to an electronic version for you!

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Core Features:

Create unlimited forms for numerous purposes (Safety check list, Prequal form, Insurance update form, Bidder List Sign-up form, NDA form, etc.)

Unlimited custom data fields with options to store and track insurance expiration dates for various types of insurance requirements.

Robust, customizable reports. Choose columns, date ranges, qualification status, EMR trends, etc.

What We Hear From Our Customers

“Just wanted to tell you that my subcontractors have been giving Pipeline high praise. For ease of use and the reliability of the subcontractor portal. They say they have had negative experiences with other such websites. I’m also benefitting by association in that the subcontractors believe Pueblo has ‘its act together’ because we are employing your service.”

— Greg Shanklin, Pueblo Construction
PipelineSuite user since August 2016

“I wanted to let you know that Pipeline saved us big time today. We have a sub that we gave a contract to for drywall on one of our projects and a few days before bids were due an addendum went out adding a lot more to their scope of work and now all the sudden in the middle of the job the sub is claiming he never saw the addendum and that he will not do the work unless we pay him a lot more for it. He said he wanted proof he received that email and he would shut up and do the work. Thanks to your tracking logs I was able to give him down to the second when he got the email and read it!!!! I love that feature. He was very shocked because he didn’t think we would actually have that to back it up so I have to thank you guys for that. It saved us a lot of money, and kept our job moving along!!”

— Kassandra, Flynn Construction
PipelineSuite user since December 2013

“Pipeline does just what we need and all their demo promised. We are able to prepare an ITB in minutes instead of hours. The learning curve was non-existent. We were able to load our vendor database and be up and running almost immediately. Our vendors tell us it is the best they see, and they see a lot of different invitations. Our logo is front and center and easy to recognize. We are in control of our database, and it is not shared with our competitors. Selecting vendors is quick and easy and can be duplicated for similar projects, which saves time and effort. We compared four software solutions and chose Pipeline. I'm glad we did.”

— Bruce, Yeargin Potter Shackelford
PipelineSuite user since March 2014