CSI Codes – Either Old or New in pipelineRFQ!

by | Dec 18, 2009

PipelineSuite developed its pipelineRFQ bid solicitation software and online plan room to accommodate either the old CSI Divisions (1-16) or the new 2004 CSI Format (through Division 48), and our customers are glad.  In addition, pipelineRFQ users are able to create their own CSI codes and descriptions, labeling them however they want quickly and easily.  Other programs force the general contractor into set codes and descriptions that do not match the way they do business. PipelineSuite users are finding that some Architects are using the new 2004 CSI format, and others use the old Divisions 1-16, so they need to be able to manage their subs in both formats. PipelineRFQ allows them to setup and assign their subs into both.

The flexibility and ease of use of pipelineRFQ (as well as the lower cost), have been big reasons general contractors have switched from iSqFt, Bidfax, Gradebeam, and other bid solicitation software systems.

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