General Contractors

What’s in the “Suite” for General Contractors?
• pipelineRFQ™. Bid Invitation Software, also for sending Addenda or other correspondence. Learn more.
• pipelineOPR™. Upload plans and specs for subs to download. Learn more.
• pipelinePreQual™. Send Prequalification requests, manage who is qualified. Learn more.

Other Features:
• Bid Calendar. Shared by your employees to view your projects bidding.
• Contact Manager. Your employee/users access your current subcontractor data.
• Bid Reports. Track who is bidding, export bidders list to Excel, print Good Faith Effort reports, and more.
• Subcontractor Directory. Access our Subcontractor Directory if you need subs in areas you lack coverage.
• Integrate Your Website. Optional integration allows your Subcontractors to add themselves to your database upon your approval.

[su_button url=””]DEMO[/su_button]  …It’s loaded with sample jobs and subs. In 15 minutes you’ll get a feel for how it works.

[su_button url=””]30-Day Free Trial[/su_button] …We’ll import your existing database from Excel®, Bidfax®, iSqFt®, or other program for you so you can use it on real projects for a month.

Why choose Pipeline Suite®?
Easy to use and powerful.
Intuitive and streamlined, not complicated. Most users understand how to use the program with little or no training. No software to install or maintain, and upgrades are included. Powerful enough to send out thousands of invitations FAST!
Since 2002, pipelineRFQ has been a reliable service for thousands of general contractors across the USA and Canada with an uptime of 99.9%.

Emails are free, and send out faxes for just pennies each. Plans as low as $600/year. Compare that to others and we’re sure you will find pipelineRFQ is a tremendous value.