Pipeline Suite® helps you manage your pre-construction “pipeline” more efficiently so you can win more bids.

The roots of Pipeline Suite come from its parent company Online Building Products, Inc. which was founded in 1998 to develop new technology software applications for the building industry. By 2000, it had developed a web-based e-Commerce system for building material suppliers, followed by a bidding and sales automation system for subcontractors and suppliers. In 2002 it debuted what is now its’ most popular product, pipelineRFQ and presented the Pipeline Suite brand of web-based modular software at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas in January 2003.
The most intuitive and easiest to use in the industry.”

That’s the consensus heard from hundreds of existing users.

The success of pipelineSuite is tied to its core business philosophies:
– Build software that is powerful, intuitive, easy to use, and fast.
– Listen to our customers and constantly improve the software.
– Provide unsurpassed customer service.

Pipeline Suite is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA.

      Bid Invitations
      Online Plan Room
      What’s in the “Suite” for General Contractors?
      pipelineRFQ™ Bid Invitation Software, also for sending Addenda or other correspondence.
      pipelinePreQual™ to send Prequalification requests, and manage who is qualified.
      pipelineOPR™ to upload plans and specs for subs to download.
      Other Features such as the Bid Calendar, Contact Manager, and Bid Reports. Track who is bidding, export bidders list to Excel, print Good Faith Effort reports, and more.

      Sub Directory Info
      Directory Sign Up
      Stack Software
      Subcontractors and Suppliers, add your company to our Directory! If you do, you may get a bid solicitation from a general contractor that uses pipelineSuite® bid invitation software and online plan room. There is no cost, so sign up!