About PipelineSuite®

PipelineSuite® is web-based preconstruction software used by general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to streamline their bidding process.

Since 2002, PipelineSuite® has provided cutting-edge bid solicitation software that allows its users to send bid invitations in minutes and addenda notices in seconds.  Bid Invitations are sent in a personalized and unique way, resulting in the highest response rates and bid coverage in the industry. PipelineSuite® was built as a customizable platform, allowing its users to own, control, and edit its vendor/contacts database on the fly.

The prequalification module makes it easy to track which subcontractors are qualified, helping mitigate risk.  The bid tabulation/bid leveling module allows users to gather bid forms electronically and compare bids side by side. 

PipelineBid™ software helps subcontractors and suppliers track their bid opportunities and customers in one place, and to find new construction project leads.

Our successful track record is tied to our core business philosophies:
  • Keep the software intuitive, fast, and easy to use.
  • Constantly improve our software based on customer feedback.
  • Provide unsurpassed customer service.
  • Provide the most reliable, innovative, efficient software solution on the market.

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Construction Bidding Software

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Construction Bid Management Software:

Construction bid management software allows estimators to efficiently and quickly send bid invites, prequalify subs and compare submitted bids in an effort to find the best subcontractors for the project.

Efficiency should be considered a high priority when looking for the best construction bid management software. It takes a lot of time to create and send bids manually. With the right software, these tasks are automated to save time and mitigate risk of manual entry.

Ease of use is also crucial. An easy-to-use system will save general contractors from a steep learning curve and be more widely accepted and adopted by its employees.

A construction bid management program that includes prequalification software helps GCs capture all the important financial and historical safety data that helps when comparing and deciding which subcontractors to award contracts. Good prequalification software should allow subs to upload insurance certificates, minority certifications, and any other documentation the general contractor needs for the subcontractor qualification process.

Construction Bidding Software

Why Choose Construction Bid Management Software from PipelineSuite®:

With PipelineSuite, your bidding process will be faster, easier, and more efficient. You can send thousands of bid invitations or addenda notices in a fraction of the time it would take to send manually.

Other reasons why PipelineSuite is considered a smart choice:

Efficient bidding process. Our software is designed by construction professionals who have helped us reduce the process to the fewest possible clicks. The layout of our software mimics the order in which you would typically create a bid invite so it is very intuitive and easy to understand. Bid lists or bid packages can be created fast using favorite lists or your own custom filters and shortcuts.

Easily summarize bid results. PipelineTabs auto-populates bids received into its bid form. The side-by-side comparison allows a general contractor to easily identify scope discrepancies and enter plug numbers in the bid leveling process.

Higher response rates. With PipelineSuite, your bid invites come from your own company email, which looks more personal when it lands in your subcontractor’s inbox. Subcontractors have said when they receive a bid invite from their GC’s that use PipelineSuite, it looks more personal and they are more inclined to bid on it than one sent from a mass bidding network. We send emails in a unique way that guarantees they will land into your subs’ inboxes. If a customer has any issues with a subcontractor not receiving their bid invitations in their inbox, we’ll work with them until they do!

Streamlined subcontractor prequalification process. PipelinePrequal allows GCs to create robust forms that streamline the prequalification process. Subs can easily upload their certifications and other documents you require to ensure your subcontractors are qualified for your project. The PipelineSuite staff will help you convert your old PDF form into an electronic version. Forms you create using PipelinePrequal can also be embedded into your company website.

What We Hear From Our Customers
“I researched a total of (6) programs. The comparison was eye opening. The presentation and demo was very informative. No one from Pipeline pressured me during the process. I spoke with some of my subcontractors for feedback and they all liked Pipeline. They felt it was a user friendly program and that is important to me. If my subs like the program, they will be more apt to bid. Some programs were so costly and did not offer the features that Pipeline has. Overall Pipeline is the best option for the money.”

- Annette from Delran Builders

“I wanted to let you know that Pipeline saved us big time today. We have a sub that we gave a contract to for drywall on one of our projects and a few days before bids were due an addendum went out adding a lot more to their scope of work and now all the sudden in the middle of the job the sub is claiming he never saw the addendum and that he will not do the work unless we pay him a lot more for it. He said he wanted proof he received that email and he would shut up and do the work. Thanks to your tracking logs I was able to give him down to the second when he got the email and read it!!!! I love that feature. He was very shocked because he didn’t think we would actually have that to back it up so I have to thank you guys for that. It saved us a lot of money, and kept our job moving along!!”
— Kassandra, Flynn Construction

“Pipeline does just what we need and all their demo promised. We are able to prepare an ITB in minutes instead of hours. The learning curve was non-existent. We were able to load our vendor database and be up and running almost immediately. Our vendors tell us it is the best they see, and they see a lot of different invitations. Our logo is front and center and easy to recognize. We are in control of our database, and it is not shared with our competitors. Selecting vendors is quick and easy and can be duplicated for similar projects, which saves time and effort. We compared four software solutions and chose Pipeline. I'm glad we did.”
— Bruce, Yeargin Potter Shackelford

“I’ve got to tell you that PipelineSuite is really working great for us. Our subcontractors are finding it very user-friendly, convenient, and they are accepting and adjusting very well to this new system of bidding. It’s more than cut my time in half that I spend sending out invitations, addendum notices, updating contact info, etc. So far we are very satisfied with Pipeline!”
— Brett from IEI General Contractors

“Any suggestions or recommendations are listened to and acted on. On the very few occasions where I've contacted the Help button, I've had an answer right away. We have had this as our only program for the last ten years and don't plan on changing to anything else.”
— Terri from Henry Brothers

“First, let me make the statement that I don't easily provide good reviews. The service is great, every time I call, someone answers and assist us in whatever questions we have. This is easy to use, and it works very well. I've search many other products, this company is big enough to support the needs of a large company and small enough to care, no matter what size you are.”
— Joe from Trias Construction

“So easy to learn! Month-to-month billing! A helpful person a phone-call away. Pipeline was a perfect fit for our team, we aren't a big company but we send out enough invitations to bid to make this cost effective. Pipeline helps us stay organized. Having our files accessible online instead of just our server in the office is a great feature. We love that we can track who we've sent bids to, and quickly add a new sub and get a set of files sent to them in literally a minute. I've sent bid invites from my phone when I wasn't near a computer.”
— Stephanie from Lutrell Construction

“We landed the second job we bid since using Pipeline. Not to say Pipeline was the sole reason for our success, but it helped us contact a lot of subs in a geographic area where we have not done a lot of work. We are pleased with the response so far. Oh, by the way, the job is a $24.5 million school…not too bad.”
— Ron from Denark Construction

“This is incredibly helpful, we have already seen a drastic reduction in the # of kicked back emails. Thank you all very much for all of the work you have done.”
— Miles from Naylor & Breen